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Michael Morley
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Can you whiteboard your app?6 min read


Developer = that person who writes code or software or websites.
Product Owner = the stakeholder
Intern = the one we hired who is in college and is sick of working at Home Depot or McDonald’s


Hey Developers,

Can you whiteboard your application?

If your product owner/manager etc. asked you to walk to the whiteboard and provide a high level architecture diagram could you do it?

If you are being honest with yourself, you may find you would struggle with bits and pieces, or maybe not even know where to begin, and that’s okay. Most mid-level and entry level developers struggle early on in their development lifecycle to visualize a system larger than the 2-10 file projects they completed in college, or that Android app wrote one fateful weekend at band camp.  

The understanding and practical application of object oriented programming comes over time, differently for each developer.  Some get it from the first time their instructor or book taught them on the subject, others take  more time.  It is like hitting a golf ball.  Your first time out I am not going to ask you to look like Rene Russo in Tin Cup.  More like Tin himself, grip it and rip it.  If you can get though some months programming professionally, you are ready to grow and start developing your next level of skills.  If you cannot hit the ball or do not like hitting the ball then the rest of the software world is probably not well fit for you.

Why should you whiteboard your app?  

  1. No other developer has done it for you, nor provided documentation wah wah
  2. Refine your understanding of the system and each component
  3. Share with another developer – take a pic of the whiteboard and then make the intern document it for you 🙂